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Imagine waking up everyday excited that you are alive and look forward to accomplishing great things for GOD and mankind! Imagine that because you are alive, this world becomes better and people’s lives are touched, changed and healed. Imagine that you have everything you need to bring the change and healing to others!

Isn’t it time to intensely desire more than what you’ve been living for? Isn’t it time to do greater works? Jesus wouldn’t have said it if weren’t possible. We must stop being mediocre in what we are accepting in life, and start expecting much more for and from ourselves.

When you change your thinking, you change your world! But change costs. But ask yourself, what if you keep doing the same thing, what are you going to miss out on.

If you just keep going on in life the same as it has always been, you might end up dissatisfied and thinking the cost of change would have been worth it. What is cost of change? Time and commitment. Are you willing to pay these to begin to walk in the abundant life that Jesus(Yahusha) promised?

Do you want more for you and your family? God wants more for you and your family. But nothing happens until a decision is made. It is time to decide if you are going to press in for His favor and more abundant life. Start your Journey Now!


IP is helping Kingdom Leaders Unleash Their God Given Identity. The Identity Project course and events are a discipleship program in the Gospel of the Kingdom, that the King of kings taught. Many of us have been discipled in the Gospel of Salvation, but Jesus(Yahusha) preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. Do you know What the Gospel of the Kingdom is? We invite you to join us and learn!


Chris Heerdegen​
His turning point as a follower of Jesus came when pregnant with his first child, he realized he didn’t really have good answers for even the most basic questions a child might ask about their faith. He has been working with George and the Identity Project since 2016.
Dan Terry​
Mr. Terry has served on numerous
non-profit boards such as Jubilee Christian Fellowship (Identity Project), Fellowship of Christian Athletes, American Heart Association and the Portland Rescue Mission; primarily focusing on Board Development, Fundraising and Event planning.
Ted Hillison​
is a Christ follower, a husband, a father, a son, an entrepreneur and a Coach. Living in West Linn, Oregon with his wife of 20 years, Bleu, and his sons Tyler and Tanner, Ted's purpose in life is to encourage and “make disciples”, of family, friends and students to live their best life!

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